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    Electric Drill Manufacturer 

    As a trusted electric drill manufacturer,  MrPowerTools specializes in crafting high-quality electric drills that pack power into a compact design, delivering exceptional speed and ergonomics at competitive prices.

    MrPowertools is a leading Power Tools Manufacturer and Supplier based in China. With over 14 years of experience, since its founding in 2007, they have produced over 30 million tools for companies all around the world.

    Electric Drill Key Specifications:

    Voltage/Frequency: Available in both 120V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz options, ensuring compatibility across different regions.

    Motor/Input Power: Equipped with a robust 4.2A/500W motor, our electric drills provide the power you need for a wide range of applications.

    No-Load Speed: Achieve precision and control with a variable no-load speed of 0-3000r/min, allowing you to adapt to the demands of your project.

    Cutting Depth: Conquer various materials with ease – our electric drills boast a cutting depth of 25mm in wood and 10mm in steel.

    Why choose MrPowerTools for your electric drill needs

    Our drills are engineered with precision, striking the perfect balance between power, speed, and ergonomic design. Whether you're tackling construction projects, renovating your space, working on woodworking ventures, or engaged in DIY endeavors, our electric drills are the reliable companions you need.

    Explore our extensive range of electric drills, each packed with innovative features that enhance your drilling experience. From lightweight models for increased maneuverability to powerful options for heavy-duty tasks, we have the right tool to meet your specific requirements. Our competitive prices ensure that you not only get quality but also great value for your investment.

    At MrPowerTools, we understand that choosing the right electric tool manufacturer involves considering various factors such as power, weight, convenience, and affordability. Rest assured, we prioritize your needs and consistently strive to exceed your expectations. Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond just providing products; we offer a seamless shopping experience and reliable customer support.

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