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    Cordless Angle Grinder Manufacturer

    As a leading manufacturer of power tools, we have years of experience in cordless angle grinders. We are committed to designing and manufacturing outstanding cordless angle grinders for various cutting, grinding, and milling tasks. Contact us to learn more about cordless angle grinders.

    Cordless angle grinders are versatile power tools that are battery-powered and do not require a power cord, thus providing excellent portability. These tools are typically used in various industrial and household applications such as metalworking, grinding, cutting, sanding, and deburring. Cordless angle grinders are designed to excel in tight spaces and overhead work and are ideal for outdoor work.

    Our Cordless Angle Grinder Design

    Cordless power supply

    Cordless angle grinders have made a name for themselves as a trusted force in the global trade and industry. These battery-powered grinders have now become indispensable in everyday work. Unencumbered by the power grid, cordless angle grinders will free you to roam wherever you want. We've incorporated modern battery technology into these tools, allowing them to deliver the same consistent power and performance as traditional corded tools.

    Simple operation

    There is no need to worry about fatigue, whether working in tight spaces or at heights. With the advanced quick-change system, you can easily change cutting blades and grinding wheels effortlessly at the push of a button. It's as easy as adjusting a guard, and with no additional tools required, you can make tool-less adjustments and prevent twisting. The battery can rotate intelligently according to the job's demands, providing optimal work performance. We highly recommend the LiHD battery pack for cutting and sanding tasks, which provides long-lasting power and short charging times, making your work more efficient.


    We understand the potential dangers of using an angle grinder, so we've designed a full range of safety features to ensure your work is always safe and secure. Accidents are often caused by loss of control, and that's where our safety design comes in. Models equipped with a toggle switch and a locking function guarantee an immediate stop when you release the switch. If equipped with an additional braking system, the cutting disk will stop rotating within 2 seconds after switching off. Our design also considers the case of a jammed cutting disk to minimize possible rebound forces. The electronic safety shutdown mechanism greatly slows the rebound force.

    Cordless Angle Grinder wide range of applications

    Cuts and grinds a variety of metals, including steel and stainless steel

    Deburring and polishing metal surfaces

    Handles cutting and grinding of concrete, masonry, and stone

    Accurately cuts ceramic tiles (requires continuous-edge diamond discs)

    Our Cordless Angle Grinder Features

    Extends cutting cycles per charge

    Range of 8,500 to 11,000 rpm for roughing and fine surface finishes

    More comfortable grip: Slim handle design with locking switch ensures superior control in all work positions

    Advanced safety features, including active torque control, prevent tool bounce caused by stuck cutting discs

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